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Professional Guidelines

On this page, you can find links to the guidelines of some of the key professional associations in the social sciences.  You should make yourself familiar with the guidelines of your own professional association. 

If you are not sure which guidelines apply to you, it is worth reading the Social Research Association guidelines, as these cover the key points that you should consider.

Association of Internet Researchers:

AOIR Ethics Guide

Association of Social Anthropologists: 

ASA Ethical Guidelines for Good Research Practice

British Educational Research Association: 

BERA Ethics and Educational Research

BERA Ethics Guidelines (updated 2011)

British Psychological Society:  

BPS Ethical Guidelines and Code of Conduct

British Society of Criminology:

BSC Code of Ethics for Researchers in the Field of Criminology

British Society of Gerontology: 

BSG Ethical Guidelines

British Sociological Association: 

BSA Statement of Ethical Practice

European Union:

Respect Code of Professional Conduct for Socio-economic Research

Political Studies Association:

PSA Guidelines for Good Professional Conduct

Royal Statistical Society:

RSS Code of Conduct

Social Research Association: 

SRA Ethical Guidelines